Clean Energy

We must invest in clean energy jobs.  They are the unquestioned future of Nevada.

This recession has taught us the negatives of Nevada’s economy being too dominantly based on tourism and gaming.  While we advocate for these industries to remain strong and world-class in Nevada, we must understand that their health is too dependent on the fiscal health of other States.  It simply is not sufficient.  Paula will fight to ensure that Nevada becomes the clean energy capital of the United States.  The future is in Nevada.  Don’t let politics shut out Nevada’s citizens.

Clean Energy isn’t just about helping our environment.  Clean energy means independence.  It’s about innovation, and the proof that we won’t let politics interfere with it.  And it’s about freedom.  We will never have economic or political freedom if we keep our dependency on oil, foreign or domestic.  The plain truth is that no matter what our incumbent politicians say, they have ABSOLUTELY NO INCENTIVE to see green-energy jobs created until every last drop of oil has been sold to you.

Paula will dedicate her position in legislature to ensuring that Nevada becomes the beacon of the world in the fields of renewable energy.  But she needs your help.  We must be much more aggressive in attracting green-energy companies to Nevada, and we must educate the people on how to live happy, healthy lives without depending on foreign oil.

Remember…. GREEN JOBS ARE THE FUTURE OF NEVADA.  But we must all work together to get there.

Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project 


Investments in Infrastructure Help Create and Keep Jobs

We can’t have markets without roads, bridges, sewers, transit and internet services.

Also, future economies depend on us maintaining and improving our infrastructure.

We owe it to our children to keep our infrastructure the very best the world has ever seen.  If we commit to this, jobs will be created, and prosperity is soon ahead.


Tribal Issues

Assembly 32 is home to many of our Tribal reservations. The role of our native people is to remind us how important our water is. They are are “Water Protectors.” Protecting Pyramid and Walker Lakes as well as the Truckee and Humboldt rivers. We are so fortunate to have our tribes as part of our state history. I will put the concerns of our First Nation people front and center. Their wisdom will be helpful to Nevada’s future and I will always seek out their voices.

A Diverse Economy

Small businesses are the key to a diverse economy.  We must become more small business friendly.

We must protect small businesses first; this is counter-intuitive to today’s politicians, but Paula is committed to it.  Healthy small businesses hire more and lay-off less than large corporations. 

It also strengthens our communities and civic involvement.  We solve our economic problems more efficiently with a strong small-business class.

Tax Reform

We must have Comprehensive, Efficient Tax Reform.

When one of our country’s all-time great CEO’s, Warren Buffet, says that the mega-rich do not pay enough taxes to support our country’s health and infrastructure, you know that we have a broken, outdated tax code.

We must ensure that those citizens fortunate enough to make millions of dollars per year pay their fair share, just like they used to during the golden ages of our country. 

Paula asks you to stand with her, and create a modernized tax code that ends corporate loopholes, and increases taxes on those citizens who make over $500 thousand a year.


As an educator for over 30 years, Paula knows every in and out about what our teachers and principals need to educate our kids to the highest standards.  We will be frank:  fiftieth in education the last 5 years in simply unacceptable.  Our incumbents should be ashamed.

Paula is a candidate with educational expertise in Nevada, California, Montana and even Japan. And she will put that expertise to work on the assembly floor, ensuring that Nevadans become leaders in producing an educated workforce that is ready for the high-tech and green energy jobs that will determine the security and prosperity of our great country.

Health Care

We are in a healthcare crisis. As much as our healthcare system was sabotaged before and after the recession, the simple fact is the ACA needs to be replaced with Universal Health Care.  Better systems are out there, but political rhetoric from those who profit on America’s failing health keep us from real progress.

Paula is committed to ensuring that we make that real progress with these common-ground features we can all agree on, regardless of party:

We must seek real solutions to keep our doctors and nurses away from the business side of medical care.  We advocate for finding ways to keep medical school costs down, and for loan forgiveness for high-performing doctors and those who contribute to public service.

We need health care that covers all and keeps costs down. No one needs to go bankrupt over health issues.

We must eliminate ‘FOR-PROFIT’ healthcare.

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